How do we preserve Ashes in Jewellery?

Jewellery made from ashes is increasingly popular.

As the environment changes and burial space becomes a more pressing issue, ashes memorials are becoming increasingly popular, with jewellery for ashes taking centre stage when it comes to honouring and remembering loved ones who have passed on.

Wearing a pinch of your loved one in a droplet by your heart is a tribute that can be shared between family members and friends for generations to come. It’s more mobile than a gravestone, and more intimate than an urn.

But how is jewellery for ashes made?


How do we preserve ashes in jewellery?

Jewellery made from ashes typically contains a resin or glass “stone” within which the ashes are preserved. This stone, or cabochon, can act as a centrepiece or an accent, depending on the design. This is complex work which needs to be carried out in an artisanal workshop, so we’ll need you to send us a small measure of your loved one’s ashes using a secure kit which we provide.

Setting ashes within another material provides a host of options for personalisation. If either of the methods below appeal to you, be sure to take a look through our design book to get an idea of what can be achieved by our jewellers.


Preserving ashes inside resin.

The most affordable version of this process involves preservation of ashes in resin. Resin is an eco-friendly and extremely durable material that is mixed as a liquid then hardened in a mould. The finished stone is almost unbreakable as a droplet or sphere and can be cast in any variety of unusual shapes, making it perfect for delicate designs and patterns.

By using resin on items such as our tribute rings, we’re able to layer and sculpt ashes to flood spaces and follow paths. We also have complete control over the colour of the resin, as by adding pigments and extra materials almost any finish is possible. It’s even possible to add real diamond dust for extra depth! We polish our resin pieces to protect them from scratches and dirt, and this finish can be easily renewed.


Adding Ashes Infused Glass.

 A slightly more complex process of ashes preservation involves setting Ashes Infused Glass. In this method, glass is heated to melting point then layered with ashes, coloured droplets, and other embellishments, before being cooled and polished. Due to the delicate nature of glass, the kind of shapes and thicknesses that can be achieved is a little more limited. But many prefer glass stones for their depth, shine, and natural scratch resistance.

Some customers report that they prefer to wear resin ashes jewellery, as it isn’t as cold on the skin when they first put it on. Others like the cool initial touch of glass, and the fact that it heats itself to body temperature against the skin, making it warm to the touch by the end of the day.


Another option: ash-filled urn necklaces.

Another popular variation on cremation jewellery is the urn necklace. These necklaces have pendants with a tiny hollow inside, which is filled with ashes before the top is screwed down and sealed with the special material provided.

Typically, you can complete these pieces at home, making it a private and special way to share a final moment with your loved one’s earthly remains. Our urn necklaces come with a kit to make sure this precious moment goes just right.

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