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Crystal Pendants: Healing, Remembrance, Celebration Of Live Well-Lived

Do you know that for centuries, crystal has been known for its spiritual significance and healing energy? With this, Crystal Pendant has emerged as one of the most sought-after memorial jewellery for ashes, as its facets add an extra special layer of meaning and depth to its symbolism as a tangible connection of the bereaved and his departed beloved.

Looking into the Alchemy of Crystal Pendants

The process of infusing ashes into crystals is an intricate and delicate one, wherein the cremated ashes of a departed beloved are carefully being amalgamated into the entire structure of the crystal itself. 

This process, done with utmost gentleness, reverence, and passion, aims to not just preserve the memories of your loved one, but also transforms grief into a timeless, sentimental gift — one that is beautiful, wearable, and palpable, so you can hold a piece of your beloved whenever, and wherever you are.

The Setting and Design of a Crystal Pendant

Crystal pendant is a versatile tribute, as it comes in a wide, vibrant array of designs and settings — just exactly what Aura-Star Jewellery has in store for you. You may choose from the classic, simple, and elegant one, or select a more elaborated or contemporary style. They can also be customised or personalised to make it more unique. 

It all boils down to what you prefer — an ashes pendant that will truly resonate you and your beloved's memories and life. Here's a secret: the prime key to creating a timeless tribute is to balance the aesthetics with your emotions and feelings. 

Wearing Memories through the Crystal Pendant — Discover Aura-Star Jewellery's Ashes Pendant Collections and enjoy a 10% OFF discount!

Grief is a symphony of emotions, and in the midst of it, Crystal Pendants offer a consoling note — a soft and mellow melody of these three key facets:

  • Remembrance, as its weight and refreshing touch serves as a living reminder of the enduring bond between you and your loved one; 
  • Healing, as it presents a tactile link and fosters a sense of connection that transcends the bounds of the earth, helping you cope and journey through healing. It's as if whenever the ashes pendant is worn, it whispers messages to the departed soul, as the bereaved feel solace through it.
  • Celebration, as the crystal genuinely reflects the silver lining of this all — to celebrate the life they have well-lived, filled with memories and moments to cherish and treasure forever, amid their earthly absence.

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Your one-of-a-kind tribute to honour your beloved's presence awaits you.