Ashes Infused Jewellery

A lasting memorial to keep your loved ones close forever

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Ashes Infused Jewellery

Respectfully made with your love ones' ashes & carefully crafted to keep their memories alive.


Our beautiful Pendants can help you recollect those memories


Cremation Rings are a beautiful way to hold on to memories.


Explore classic and modern Something unique for her


Made to honour and remember a family member, friend, or pet.

Ashes Chamber Jewellery

A handcrafted collection with a variety of designs and materials made with a discreet chamber to hold a small amount of ashes

Ashes Infused Keepsake

Beautifully crafted pieces sincerely made with your loved one's ashes

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Ashes Jewellery

The people we love can never be far from us. Not even when they pass away. When someone we love becomes a memory. We just want to hold that memory close to our hearts — and one way to do that is by holding on to something that reminds us of our loved ones. Ashes Urns Jewellery offers a tangible way to keep you close to your loved one.. We understand the pain and grief an individual feels when their loved ones are taken away from them. The feeling can be overwhelming and it takes us to a place where we are vulnerable and in need of something to hold on to. Our beloved people, friends, or pets can never be far from us and our Keepsake Memorial Jewellery makes sure that they stay with us even after they take their heavenly abode.

How can we help?

Many people choose to keep their loved ones with them in the most physical way possible - by preserving and keeping their ashes. Urns for ashes have a long tradition across many cultures, but now more and more people are choosing to keep ashes with them in a different way, sealed safely inside pieces of jewellery.

Our company has served the memorial needs of many for over a decade. Trust and compassion have been the backbone of our success and our employees thrive in bringing a little comfort to the lives of people who are grieving. We offer a wide range of jewellery to families so they are sure to find a piece that provides a fitting tribute to their loved one. We seek out the beauty and individuality in every piece, in the hope that it brings comfort and happy memories of your loved one. Ashes jewellery allows us to keep someone close in a very intimate and tender way. A necklace for ashes worn by the heart is far closer physically than an urn on the mantelpiece. A pair of earrings infused with a loved one’s essence may remind us of the words we shared together. A ring on a finger is a physical way of holding their hand in ours. Our company offers a variety of designs like Memorial Rings, Charms For Bracelets Wholesale to our customers so they can choose the piece that they feel most comfortable to wear and keep them close to their hearts on a daily basis.

What do we offer?

Our Keepsake Jewellery For Ashes is guaranteed to safely preserve a memory of your loved one. We’re on a mission to offer today's families the most complete range of durable, innovative, and heartfelt Cremation Jewellery For Ashes UK products available anywhere. We know that families are looking for just the right memorial product to express and honour a unique life with his or her values, personality, and preferences. Finding an urn or necklace that truly reflects your loved one can bring comfort and peace to the families who are grieving. Our jewellery can bring a little comfort to the hearts of the families by assuring them that a part of their loved one remains with them. Selecting Cremation Ash Jewellery UK to honour and remember the life of a loved one takes time and patience to find the perfect fit. As the purchase is personal to someone's life, you want to make sure that the cremation jewellery that you select not only captures your loved one but also is a reflection of the relationship that you once shared. Jewellery Made From Ashes is available in a wide variety of styles and themes that are designed to help you hold close your memories of those you've lost from family to friends and even pets and to do so in a manner that is personal and discreet.

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