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A loved one’s memory, forever treasured


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Beautiful & unique cremation jewellery

When you lose someone you love, a memorial keepsake can be a deep and abiding comfort. Here at Keepsake Jewellery, we hand craft truly special cremation jewellery, so that you can keep your loved one close to your heart, forever.


Truly personal memorial keepsakes

We believe that memorial jewellery can – and should – speak to the uniquely beautiful person it celebrates. So, we’ve developed a range to suit every person, and every relationship. 

    • Love-Infinite resin jewellery. We can enclose your loved one’s ashes in a vibrant, glass-like resin to create unique memorial stones.
    • Chamber jewellery. Available in silver, gold and gleaming pewter, our chamber jewellery holds a tiny amount of ashes. 
    • Fingerprint keepsakes. We can carefully hand-etch your loved one’s unique fingerprint onto a ring, bracelet or pendant.
    • Photo memorials. Jewellery that holds a photo of the person you love, so that you can see their smile whenever you need to.
  • Modest range. For those who want something special at the most affordable price, our modest range includes stunning options.

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    About Keepsake Jewellery

    Here at Keepsake Jewellery, we’ve spent more than a decade helping families like yours find the right memorial for their loved ones. Working with the very best designers and craftspeople, we create stunning, unique pieces that can be treasured forever.


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