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Can Cremated Ashes Be Transferred From Urn To Jewellery?


The journey of grief leads us to seek meaningful ways to remember and honour the life lived by our loved ones who have passed on. Cremation has become a sought-after choice, presenting families the opportunity to keep the departed’s ashes close. One great option is ashes-infused jewellery, a beautiful and intimate way to carry the essence of the departed with us wherever we go. 

However, what if the ashes are initially placed in an urn? Can they be transferred to jewellery? Here, we look into the process, significance and possibilities that lie within this endeavour.

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What Ashes-Infused Jewellery Signifies

Ashes-infused jewellery is designed to contain an ample portion of the cremated ashes or other memorial elements, such as strands of hair or dried flowers. This rolls in in a variety of forms, such as pendants, rings, charms, bracelets, and earrings, which allows individuals to choose a piece that resonates perfectly with their emotions and the bond forged with the departed. 

The Meaning Behind Transferring Ashes to Jewellery

The decision to transfer cremated ashes from an urn to jewellery is often driven by a desire for a more intimate and personal remembrance, allowing the bereaved to carry a physical fragment of their loved ones with them wherever and whenever. 

Is Transferring Ashes to Jewellery Viable?

Yes, transferring cremated ashes from an urn to jewellery is possible. In doing this, meticulous care and precision to ensure the ashes are safely transferred without any compromise to their integrity is imperative. It is likewise essential to understand that an array of factors must be taken into account when opting to transfer ashes from an urn to jewellery, such as the urn’s design, ash consistency, and precautions. Hence, professional assistance to carry out the actual transfer is required, should the need arise.

Apart from these, the emotional dimension of the process per se, must likewise be factored in:

  • Respect for the Ashes: When transferring ashes, it is vital to handle them with the utmost respect and care. Avoiding spillage or loss is essential to preserving the integrity of the remains.
  • Personal Connection: The process of transferring ashes to jewellery is deeply personal. It is a moment of intimacy and connection with the departed, and individuals should approach it with the emotions and memories they dearly hold.
  • Permanent Nature: Transferring ashes to jewellery is typically a permanent decision. Therefore, it is crucial to be certain about this choice and select a perfect piece that shall carry the very essence of the departed.

Methods of Transferring Ashes to Jewelry

There are various methods that can be utilised to transfer cremated ashes from an urn to jewellery, such as:

  • Using a Spoon or Scoop: For urns with accessible openings, using a clean spoon or scoop can help gently transfer the ashes into the jewellery.
  • Funnel Method: A funnel can likewise be used to guide the ashes into the jewellery's compartment, to ensure a clean and secure transfer.
  • Expert Assistance: For urns with complex designs or challenging access points, seeking the expertise of a professional jeweller or funeral director is indispensable to ensure seamless and respectful transfer.

If you find consolation in the idea of keeping your loved one's memory closer to you through ashes-infused jewellery, Aura Star Jewellery offers a wide selection of pieces in a variety of designs, materials, and styles for you to choose from.  

Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and utmost compassion, love, and care, affirming you of a secure and respectful transfer of the ashes. We likewise assure you that your chosen ashes-infused jewellery will serve as a lasting tribute to your departed beloved.

Purchase yours now and carry their love with you—forever cherished, eternally remembered.