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Beyond Words: Commemorating Loved Ones with Ashes to Glass Pendants

It goes without saying that losing a loved one once they pass away is painful and upsetting. They leave a disastrous vacuum. As time passes, individuals keep paying respects to their loved ones' memory by going to the burial, attending memorial ceremonies once a year, and engaging in quiet meditation. 

Though they can provide you solace, stories and your memories of them can never completely fill the void left by the loss. Your preference is to sense your loved ones' presence all around you. 

Aura-Star has this option because they use the ashes of your loved ones to make a unique, tasteful, and exquisite memory. Continue reading to find out everything there is to know about memorial ash jewelry and how it may keep the bonds of loss alive. 

The Pendant with Ashes into Glass pays a stunning homage to priceless moments in time. Classic and timeless, the design represents the relationship you have with the person you care about. It has an 18-inch chain, is hallmarked, and the back can be inscribed with your own special message. 

Warm-colored Murano glass in this Ashes Chamber Pendants elegantly displays the ashes. An eye-catching amber hue adorns the necklace. The amber hues' cozy light will accentuate any ensemble. This looks like the golden-brown leaves that fall from the trees in the fall. 

After you place your order, you will receive a complimentary order packet. It will come with a secure return address envelope, a resealable packet holding the ashes, and comprehensive instructions. 

Here are some further details about the necklace: It is made of premium glass that is strong and long-lasting:

  • After that, the ashes are safely and cautiously placed in the glass. 
  • The necklace is polished to an incredibly high gloss to give it its lovely sheen. 
  • An eighteen-inch curb chain is included with the necklace. 
  • Longer chains will cost you more money to purchase. 

How to Choose the Best Ashes to Make Jewelry 

Some considerations should be made when deciding on the shape, material, dimensions, and etching of the ash jewelry. 

Determine the Relationship between Colors 

When you remember a loved one who has passed away, you frequently have a deeper connection to that particular color. It's possible that they felt most at ease wearing a particular hue or tone of clothing. Selecting a color that makes you think of the deceased is a wonderful place to start if you want your ashes to have greater emotional significance as jewelry. 

Choosing a color that truly appeals to you is an additional option. Ashes to glass pendants can add a lovely splash of color to your mostly neutral wardrobe of black or white. 

Choose an item that stands out or one that is straightforward

Asking yourself this important question can help you determine whether you would prefer ashes jewelry for special events or a pendant to wear every day. Consider having your ashes transformed into jewelry in a design and form that goes well with a variety of outfits. This is a good option if you're searching for something to wear every day. 

The urn containing the ashes will be returned to Aura-Star, and your one-of-a-kind monument will be painstakingly constructed by the Aura-Star team of experts. When it comes to companies that turn cremated ashes into wearable art, Aura-Star dominates the market. 

Finished on an 18-inch sterling silver chain, the ashes infused pendants will arrive in a jewelry gift box with care instructions, a complimentary jewelry cleaning cloth, and a certificate of authenticity bearing the deceased's name.

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