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Companion Keepsakes: Exploring the Meaning of Ashes Jewellery for Pets

The fact that your pets are seen as members of your family cannot be avoided. They never fail to surprise you and provide companionship when you need it or just a good chuckle. Because you have taken care of them and developed a special link with them, they have trusted you for a very long time. It is not unexpected that owners of dogs and cats occasionally refer to them as "fur babies". In the end, you are dependent on these kind and loving animals for survival, and they are dependent on you for survival. With the help of this guide, you may sort through the many alternatives and find the ideal piece of jewellery for pets ashes. 

Necklace with Cremation Urn

Although there are many more alternatives, urn necklaces are one of the most popular types of ashes to jewellery pets. These multipurpose ornaments, worn close to the heart, are designed to carry a little amount of cremated ashes. Many have found that these necklaces provide them with a great deal of consolation, particularly in the initial months following a horrific loss. These necklaces come in a range of designs and materials. The reasons sterling silver and stainless steel are attractive options are their affordability, and robustness. 

Birthstone Jewelry 

Birthstone bracelets and necklaces are a popular kind of jewelry worn by many as a remembrance or cremation keepsake. Wearing the stone is a practical method to honor your pet's memory and remember them long after they've passed away, even though you'll need their birthday to create this monument. It's also a very discreet type of Urns UK jewelry for cremation; unless you tell others, no one will know why you're wearing it. The only thing people will notice about you is your vibrant jewelry. Because a necklace is so close to the heart, it's a popular choice for people who enjoy wearing jewelry made of cremated birthstones. 

Cremation Glass Jewelry 

Crafting jewelry from cremation glass is a heartfelt way to remember your pet. Your pet's ashes are infused into a gorgeous glass pendant, earring, ring, or bracelet. The initial stage in this process is to send a small portion of your pet's ashes to the glassmakers. Because glass blowing is done at a temperature far higher than cremation, the dull brown ash that is produced during cremation turns into a beautiful white powder that is evident throughout the glass. 

Cremation Jewelry 

Ashes are combined with epoxies or resins to create a wide variety of Urns UK ashes jewellery for pets that is shaped from the combination. It's frequently used to make opalescent rings or pendants, and it's also a common element in men's metal or wood rings. Despite their beauty, these items do require a lot of care because the materials used to produce them are not as durable as glass or metal. 

Cremation Gemstone Jewelry 

The ashes of your pet can be turned into a gemstone and used to create a stunning piece of jewelry. By selecting the color of the birthstone your pet was born with, you can further customize your cremation gemstone. This alternative is not only significantly more affordable than you may imagine, but it is also rather lovely and distinctive. Most cremation jewelry is more expensive. You might split up and disperse the ash, or you could plant some of it in a living urn to create a lovely memorial tree. 

Personalized Cremation Jewelry Lets You Keep Your Pet Near to Your Heart 

Urns UK's offers a wide assortment of jewelry made from cremated remains that you can wear as a tribute to your beloved pet. Wearing a heart-shaped pendant necklace or charm bracelet with a cute cat silhouette on it may bring back happy memories of your cat purring on your lap. This is a beautiful way to honor your cherished feline. You could even get a charm that looks like a heart with paws on it, which would be appropriate for both cats and dogs. 

If your cat used to chase flying insects in the backyard or around the neighborhood, you might want to think about getting a butterfly memorial pendant as a memento of your loss. Every time you see it, images of your adorable cat leaping and sprinting after butterflies in the sky come to mind. 

Urns UK Jewelry made from cremated pet remains is a unique memento that will help you honor your pet's life and get over your loss. Look through the pendants and charms at Urns UK's Cremation Jewelry and find the one that speaks to you.


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