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Exploring the Significance of Memorial Jewelry for Ashes

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Funeral jewelry has a long history and deep meaning. They are worn to commemorate our departed loved ones and honor their memory. Throughout the centuries, different cultures have created iconic memorial jewelry for ashes that has become famous around the world. Preserving a tiny part of the ashes of a deceased loved one through a piece of jewelry is for many people considered a way of keeping their memory alive.

What is a memorial jewelry used for?

Cremation jewelry is among mourning jewelry. They have the specificity of containing an urn that can house a very small part of the ashes of a deceased person. This jewelry can be in the form of memorial rings for ashes, necklaces, or even bracelets. The most sober will take the shape of a tube without ornament.

These mourning jewelry are now available in many models. They can take the shape of crosses, tears, hearts, and many others. These jewels are now aesthetic and subtle and become real accessories that can be worn discreetly.

Memorial jewelry: what about animals?

This law does not concern animal ashes which can be used to create mourning jewelry. People who wish can create a piece of jewelry with part of the ashes of their very dear animals.

Significance of Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry is rich in symbolism and meaning, offering comfort and peace to those who wear it as a treasured memento of their loved ones. Many different styles of memorial jewelry for ashes have symbolic designs with specific significance, such as heart-shaped pendants symbolizing enduring love and deep affection for those who have departed. Other common symbols seen in memory jewelry are crosses, doves, infinity symbols, and butterflies, each with its own meaning. Choosing a design may be extremely personal, providing as a sincere homage to the valued individual being remembered beliefs, passions, or character attributes.

The Healing Potential of Memorial Jewelry

Wearing memorial jewelry may also provide comfort and a sense of connection to those who have lost loved ones. A physical piece of jewelry containing a tiny fraction of ashes or other memorial components can provide a concrete link to the lost loved one, offering solace during the mourning process. Memorial jewelry enables the user to keep a piece of their loved one with them wherever they go, serving as a continual reminder of their undying love and treasured memories. This will provide consolation and peace during times of loss and suffering.

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How to obtain memorial jewelry?

More and more people are aware of the existence of memorial jewelry, but the limits imposed by law make them difficult to find in jewelry stores. Most of the time, it is only possible to acquire this type of jewelry by ordering it online from a store located abroad.

Once you receive the jewelry, take the time to see how it works. This will help you avoid problems when filling the urn. To make filling the jewelry easier, we advise you to have a funnel adapted to the size of the container or to create one using a sheet of paper. You will then need to add a small pinch of ashes rings to the jewelry urn.

It is important to put a very small amount of ashes to prevent the container from being too full and making it difficult to close. Then use a toothpick to clean the thread and close the jewelry.

Finally, some sites offer to create your jewelry and send it to you. You will need to send the ashes of your deceased loved one by post. After receiving them, the company will personalize your jewelry and then have it delivered to you.

What are the recommendations to follow when owning memorial jewelry?

  • It is strongly recommended to remove memorial jewelry when swimming or showering, even if your jewelry meets strict standards and has a secure closure.
  • If you want to prevent your jewelry from turning black, consider investing in a cleaning product available in jewelry stores or opt for purchasing stainless steel jewelry.
  • Like all other gems, Memorial Jewels can be broken or torn off. To secure it, you can use a little glue on a toothpick and place some around the screw.

What type of jewelry can you wear as a tribute to a loved one?

If you want personal mourning jewelry in tribute to a loved one, there are companies that create bracelets and pendants with the deceased's imprint. This practice is not yet widespread, as it is quite expensive, but is a legal alternative to memorial jewelry.

You can also opt for a memorial jewel which will help you better tame your emotions.

Final Words

Memorial jewelry serves as poignant tributes, encapsulating love and memories. Symbolic designs offer solace and connection, fostering healing during mourning. While obtaining and caring for these pieces demands care, their significance in honoring departed loved ones remains profound and deeply cherished.