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Touch of Serenity: Finding Comfort in Ash Infused Cremation Jewelry

After a loved one has been cremated, there are many ways to handle cremations: for example, you can place the cremations in an urn and display them in your home or office. You can also choose to collect your loved one's ashes at sea or in a place meaningful to your loved one. Another way to treat ashes is gaining popularity, cremation jewelry.

Cremation jewelry (which is also known as memorial jewelry, funeral jewelry, or memorial jewelry) is simply a way for people to be close to a loved one in lieu of other cremation options. Cremation jewelry can be created in an almost infinite variety of designs, styles and shapes with an almost infinite price range as well. Cremation jewelry can be precisely simple and discreet, extravagant and ornate and everything in between.

Most cremation jewelry is designed as a container to hold a portion of a loved one's ashes and can appear as a locket or keepsake. For those who do not wish to place ashes in jewelry, you can use jewelry (pendants, etc.) as containers to preserve memorial materials such as soil from a garden, sand from a favorite beach, a lock of hair, or even a special photograph.

Understand the types of filling and sealing available for your cremation jewelry

When choosing a cremation jewelry, be sure to contemplate the available filling and sealing options. Some jewelry features an airtight threaded filigree receptacle that is designed to securely seal your loved one's ashes in the pendant or ring.

Alternatively, other fillers like screw-top containers offer a safe place inside the jewelry for storing special keepsakes. For example, all Eternal ashes jewellery comes with a filling needle and funnel to help you in case you want to refill the container yourself.

Here are some examples of cremation jewelry:

Miniature Urn Necklaces:

The most prevalent form of ash infused cremation jewelry happens to be a very tiny urn attached to a chain. The urn is light and contains a small portion of ashes. This small portion allows several family members to share the ashes with their own urn necklace. Common urn shapes comprise small cylinders and hearts to more decorative designs with religious symbols or even fish or animals. You can choose a shape or design that or a more basic design that will match most outfits.

Cremains in Glass Pendants: 

Expert artisan glass blowers have been working cremains directly into beautiful designs for statues, paperweights and more. Glass Cremation pendants have a similar design, using a mixture of colored glass and a small portion of cremains to create unique and meaningful jewelry.

Cremains into Diamonds: 

Cremains can even be transformed into a faux diamond that can be worn on a necklace, earrings or ring. During the diamond cremation process, the loved one's ashes are incorporated into the charcoal, making it impossible to differentiate between a diamond containing cremes and a diamond without cremes. It can be a unique keepsake that only you and your loved ones will know about. Diamonds containing ashes can cost between $3,000 and $10,000.

Please contact Aura-Star for more information on the selection of ashes to jewellery. Aura-Star experts can also refer you to artisans who can infuse ashes into glass or even diamond pendants. Aura-Star can also help you plan all of your designs to meet your needs. It can be hoped to be of service to you and your family.


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