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Paws of Remembrance: Exploring the Beauty of Pet Ashes Jewellery

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Pet cremation jewellery contains some or all of your pet's cremated remains. When a pet dies, its owner often wishes they had something physical to hold on to as a memorial or reminder of the beloved animal they considered a part of the family. One of the most popular and classy ways to do this is with pet ashes jewellery.

Depending on your taste and the type of pet cremation jewellery you wish to retain, you can choose from various metals, some of which may even include diamonds. Depending on the type of jewellery you desire, your pet's ashes can either be treated like diamonds in a lab and used for any jewellery, or they can be embedded in a small cavity and given to you as jewellery. In this article, we will talk about the pet ashes jewellery.

A Guide on Making Jewelry Out of Pet Ashes

Many companies provide services that can transform your pet's ashes into beautiful jewellery, creating a lasting tribute to your beloved pet. Jewelry Keepsakes, Perfect Memorials, and Spirit Pieces are well-known companies that provide this service. Because the service provider will handle everything, you won't have to worry about anything. A small amount of your pet's ashes, along with your choice of memorialization method and personalization options, is all required.

The size and type of pet ashes jewellery you're considering will determine how much of your pet's ashes can fit inside. If your pet is large, you might need a regular storage urn to hold the extra pet ash that doesn't make it into the memorial urn.

A Variety of Jewelry for Pet Cremation

If you're thinking about getting pet memorial jewellery, you have a lot of choices. Instead of storing pet ashes in pet ashes jewellery, some people keep their pet's hair. Others make their jewellery themed after their pet by engraving its name or a paw shape onto it. 

Personalizing pet ashes jewellery has always been challenging, and some truly one-of-a-kind options are available. Diamonds that have mixed your pet's ashes into them are a popular option, but there are also jewellery urns that can hold your pet's ashes.

The Jewelry of Diamond Pet Ashes

A lab-created diamond is a form of memorialization that involves separating carbon from the pet's ashes. You have complete control over the diamond's dimensions, mounting, and cut. The best-known provider of this service will keep you apprised of the progress of the process as it turns your ashes into diamonds through regular updates.

Charm Bracelets, Pendants, and Other Pieces of Pet Jewelry Urns

Another option is to purchase jewellery containing a cavity for your pet's ashes, like a pendant or bracelet. You can find pet jewellery urns crafted from various materials, such as glass, resin, wood, solid gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and countless more. Many stores also let you personalize your jewellery by engraving a paw shape or a photo of your pet.

Why cremation jewellery is beneficial?

Cremation jewellery is a touching tribute to a deceased pet. Cremation jewellery is a stylish and practical way to keep your pet's ashes.

You can find cremation jewellery that matches your style among the many options. Cremation jewellery is perfect for any occasion due to its lightweight Ness and comfort.

Open the small container where most cremation jewellery comes to access the ashes. A glass urn can also hold cremation jewellery.

Cremation jewellery is an exquisite option for those seeking a meaningful memento of their beloved pet.

Best practices for maintaining cremation jewellery

Cremation jewellery, with proper care, can endure a lifetime. Here are a few things to keep in mind when caring for cremation jewellery:

  • Do not expose your cremation jewellery to moisture or direct sunlight.
  • Keep your cremation jewellery away from moisture and high temperatures.
  • Working out or swimming while wearing jewellery that represents cremation is not a good idea.
  • Using a gentle cloth, wipe your cremation jewellery every so often.

Sources for purchasing cremation jewellery

You should remember a few things before purchasing cremation jewellery. Get your money's worth by only dealing with trustworthy vendors. Ensure the jewellery is of high quality and made of materials that won't tarnish or corrode.

Another important factor is size. Make sure your jewellery can hold your pet's cremated remains. They shouldn't rattle or fall out.

Consider your finances first. Cremation jewellery can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on design and craftsmanship. Shop around until you find an affordable solution.

Here are a few recommendations for stores selling cremation jewellery:

  • Online stores 
  • Local jewellers
  • Pet funeral homes


Especially if your pet was particularly big, a piece of pet ashes jewellery might be unable to hold all the ashes. As a last resort, you can always choose a standard urn for storing your pet's remains. Like a wooden scattering urn, biodegradable urns are available at Aura Star Jewellery, along with high-end designer urns crafted from metal or wood.