Will my loved one’s ashes be safe?
At Keepsake Jewellery, we understand what your loved one’s ashes mean to you, and even more importantly we care what they mean to you. We will, at all times, treat your loved one’s ashes with the utmost care and respect. We have also implemented various best-practice principles to ensure that there are no mix-ups, mishandling, accidents or loss of the ashes. The ashes are labelled and sealed and have a unique reference number which links them to you from the outset. The ashes are stored safely and securely while waiting to be utilised. You can also rest assured that Keepsake Jewellery will keep the integrity of the ashes by ensuring that jewellers only work with one collection of ashes at a time.
Can I have Jewellery made with more than one person's ashes?
Yes, Keepsake Jewellery most certainly is able to use the ashes of more than one person in a jewellery item. In fact, we think this may be a great way to memorialize, say, two grandparents. The choice is yours as to whether you want to include more than one person’s ashes.
How do I know it’s the ashes of my loved one in my jewellery?
Keepsake Jewellery takes the trust that you place in us to heart. Our integrity as an organization is of utmost importance, and we demonstrate our integrity in the strict processes we have adopted internally to ensure that it is not possible to mix up or contaminate the ashes of your loved one. The ashes are labelled and sealed and linked to you at the outset. Before the jeweller commences work on your jewellery piece, work surfaces are cleaned and kept free from contamination from other ashes. Our jewellers also only work with one jewellery item at a time.
How Can I Get my loved one’s ashes to You?
We have simplified the process, whilst maintaining good practice to ensure that when we receive the ashes, we know who they belong to. Once you place an order online, we will send you a pack which contains full instructions on how to package the ashes so that they arrive at Keepsake Jewellery in good condition. The package will contain a small packet / vial in which you place the ashes, as well as a pre-paid envelope (for UK customers).
How long will it take to make my piece of jewellery?
We work hard to make sure that you don’t wait too long for your jewellery item. The delivery time will often depend on how many orders we have at any given time. We strive to get your order finalised within 7 working days from receipt of the ashes. However, if the order is going to take longer than 7 working days, we will inform you, and let you know what the estimated completion time will be.
What if my piece of memorial jewellery is faulty?
We take quality control very seriously, but in the unlikely event that your product arrives with a fault, we will provide you with either a repair, or replacement, or a refund. Please notify us within 7 days of receipt of the item. We may request that you send us a photo of the damaged item, and/or return the item to us.
What happens to the ashes that are left over?
We will only require a small amount of ashes to be sent through to us. The full instructions are provided in the pack which we send to you once you have placed an order. Any ashes that remain, will be returned to you.
How do I care for my memorial jewellery?
Our jewellery items are made from sterling silver which is plated with rhodium. Rhodium helps reduce the tarnish and keeps items shiny for longer. We do, however, recommend that you remove your jewellery item before bathing, or swimming, and generally, not to expose it to too much water, as overtime, this will affect the plating. Tarnishing can also be accelerated by a variety of products such as body creams and hair products. To clean your jewellery, use a mild liquid soap with warm water. Rinse the soap off properly, and immediately after, use a soft polishing cloth to dry the jewellery piece thoroughly.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do provide international shipping. The cost of the shipping will, however, be borne by the customer. You will be required to make payment of the international shipping of the collection kit to you, as well as for shipping the finished jewellery item to you. Also note, that you would also need to pay for the return of the collection kit to Keepsake Jewellery. We only make use of tracked shipping using reputable delivery services to help ensure safe delivery of items ordered.
How much ashes do you need?
We usually need about one teaspoon of ashes for about 4 pieces of jewellery, but this can vary depending on the specific item. The pack that we send to you upon placing your order provides full instructions.