Aura-Star Mens Ring Evoke


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Mary O.
Ring with Ashes Jewellery

This is such a lovely idea to keep those that have past to still be with you at all times.
I bought for my husband who absolutely loves it and we are buying one for our son.



Loss evokes memories. When we say goodbye to a friend, a father, or a brother, those moments and memories we shared are kept safe in a special place within us, ready to be evoked by a small reminder or sign. The Aura-Star Evoke ring was designed for men, but can be worn by anyone who seeks to pay tribute to their loved one with subtlety and class.


The resin centrepiece of the Evoke ring contains a small portion of your loved one’s ashes, sent to our UK workshop via secure post, and created by hand by artisan jewellers. Each centrepiece is set in its own sterling silver band, and delivered to your door in a classic velvet presentation box. Each step of the process is carried out with care by a fine jeweller and you can be sure that the finished piece is as unique as the person who it carries.


All of our rings are made to fit your hand. We provide a ring sizer alongside your secure kit. Furthermore, we offer a choice of many resin colours for your convenience. 


Note: This ring is Rhodium-Plated. Rhodium is one of the rarest precious metals on Earth. We use it to add a protective layer over selected sterling silver jewellery, giving the silver an extra depth of shine and protection from tarnishing. It forms an extremely hard protective barrier, making the piece far more scratch-resistant, which is also good news for those who suffer from allergies to silver or nickel. 


Evoking the memories of someone you’ve lost doesn’t need to be painful. With a physical object to care for and cherish, you can find comfort and security in this necessary part of the grieving process.





Sterling Silver 925 Hallmarked


925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating

Weight (g):

approx. 9.3g (before resin)

Height / Dimensions:

Min width:5mm / Max width: 10mm

Comes With:

Presentation box


Ordering Process

As soon as we receive your order, we’ll send you a special kit. In it, you’ll find instructions on how to safely send us a small amount of your loved one’s ashes, and packaging to keep the ashes secure on their journey. You’ll also be able to double-check and confirm your choice of colour.

 The kit contains:

  • A small spoon to help you scoop just enough ashes.
  • A small labelled bag to put the ashes into.
  • A ring sizer (if applicable).
  • A form to confirm your order.
  • A Freepost padded envelope, to ensure a safe journey.

All you have to do is place just a tiny amount of ashes in the sealable bag, place it in the Freepost envelope with the completed order form, and post it to us. Then our artisans will start the delicate process of making your bespoke pendant.

As soon as the jewellery is ready, we will send it to you by courier - together with any unused ashes.

We understand that you will be anxiously awaiting your precious piece, but please allow us 7 days to make your jewellery.  However, if there is a urgent need, we do offer an express service.

Please note that as every piece we create is unique, and made by hand only for your needs, we cannot accept returns or refunds. We also recommend that all our customers keep back a small amount of ashes, in case the item is lost at a later date.

Additionally, as each piece is hand-made there may be small differences in colour and finish - that's what makes it as unique as the individual it will serve.