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Looking for Eternal Connections: Exploring Cremation Ash Jewellery in the UK

Ash jewelry has existed throughout history as a unique and touching way to honor your loved ones who have passed away. These pieces are not only symbols of beauty and elegance, but they also carry with them a deep emotional meaning. In this article, you will know the history of funeral jewelry and how these artistic creations can offer comfort and preserve the memory of those you love.

Different societies have used these pieces to express mourning, love and spiritual connection. From sophisticated Victorian mourning jewelry to modern cremation ash jewellery UK, each era has left its unique mark on the world of memorial jewelry.

From this tradition, jewelry for ashes or funeral jewelry arises. Preserving the memory of someone you have lost is comforting and, therefore, you rely on physical memories after the loss.

What is jewelry for ashes or funeral jewelry?

Funeral jewelry is pendants and bracelets that contain a small part of a loved one's ashes. The use of this type of jewelry for ashes has a therapeutic effect on people who have lost a loved one.

It is a personal and close way to keep the memory of someone who has passed away present. Jewelry for ashes is an object that, in some way, helps to go through grief. It is a discreet and elegant way to keep that important person close, to preserve their memory. These small pieces are indistinguishable from traditional cremation jewelry for ashes UK at Aura-Star and serve to store a portion of the ashes from a cremation. 

Materials of funeral jewelry

The materials with which jewelry is made to remember a loved one are very similar to ordinary jewelry. Ash jewelry is usually made of gold, silver or steel. Decorative motifs based on gems, precious stones and pearls are added to this structure. The finishes can be polished, carved or with some texture and can even have an engraved image.

What are the most common ashes jewelry?

Cremation ashes offer different possibilities to family members. A small part of them can be preserved in a funerary jewel. The person wearing the jewelry can choose the type and its characteristics, turning it into something unique and personal. 

These are the most common types of funeral jewelry:

Pendants, rings and lockets for ashes: these are pieces that contain a small part of the ashes of the deceased. Pendants are the most common pieces and are designed for daily use, they do not weigh too much and are comfortable. You can also find other types of Aura-Star funeral jewelry such as: bracelets, rings for ashes or watches, and even personalized designs.

Funeral jewelry with fingerprint: in the search to generate the most personal memory, the option of being able to engrave the fingerprint of the deceased on the jewelry also arose.

Diamond made from ashes: an exclusive diamond can be created from ashes due to its molecular composition. Professionals apply a process that ends up creating a unique gemstone that is unique in the world. This diamond can also be part of a pendant to be worn or can be kept in a small box.

In Aura-Star urn jewelry for ashes, memory and emotion materialize in a unique object whose mission is to become a memory that is always present.

If you need more information about how to pay tribute to those people who have meant so much to you with cremation jewellery, you can contact the Aura-Star team and they will help you clear up all kinds of doubts.


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