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Heirlooms of Love: Beautiful Jewelry Made from Cremation Ashes

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While it is customary to keep a loved one's cremated remains in an urn, a new trend involves incorporating the ashes into jewellery. If you want a piece of jewellery that you can hold in your hand and feel whenever you think about a loved one, this is one option. The jewellery made from ashes is a special and thoughtful way to remember a departed loved one. Making jewellery from a loved one's cremated remains is another option; this way, every member of the family can wear a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that symbolises the departed. What kinds of cremation ash jewellery are available? Let's go over them more.

Round Aura-Star Bead, Circle of Life Aura-Star Pendant, Aura-Star Ring, Aura-Star Ring Esteem, and Aura-Star Horse Pendant These are the most highly recommended pieces of Aura star jewellery. Their cremation jewellery usually features a pendant made of resin or glass set with stainless steel, gold, or gold plating. Cast in resin or infused into glass, the charm can hold the sacred ashes of a loved one. But if you'd like a diamond in it somewhere, you can also ask for one. It might take a long time to have diamond earrings because the process of creating a cremation diamond takes a long time. 

Choices in Cremation Jewellery 

The cremation ash jewellery uk is a beautiful way to honour the memory of a loved one who has passed away. Here you can find additional information about the process and how to create one, as well as more details about it.

Urn Bracelet

An urn bracelet is a lovely piece of jewellery that can hold a small container for cremated remains. It is common practice to use a threaded screw to secure the ashes within. These urn bracelets are available in a wide array of styles and forms. Some will be crafted from suede leather and feature a miniature urn made of stainless steel, while others may be crafted from stainless steel and feature a compartment shaped like a locket. The ashtray is another great place to put engravings, such as names or special words. 

Urn Necklace

Similer to an urn bracelet, an urn necklace can hold cremated remains. You can put the cremated remains in the little chamber that comes with either of them. The threaded screw fastens it. You may keep a small number of ashes in this urn necklace as a token of your love for the departed.

Urn Jewelry

In terms of urn jewelry for ashes, urn jewellery is among the most popular options. The included hollow container is perfect for storing the ashes. Two common types of urn jewellery are necklaces and bracelets. In contrast to memorial glass jewellery, urn jewellery often has a tiny cavity that can hold a small amount of cremated remains.  On the other hand, memorial glass jewellery is made by infusing ashes with the glass. It is up to you whether the urn jewellery is filled with ashes, hair, or dirt from the grave. 

Cremation Rings

There is a wide variety of designs available for cremation rings. You have your choice of gold, gold plating, or sterling silver for these cremation rings. On the other hand, you have the option of having a memorial pendant made of resin or glass, or a cremation diamond—the choice is yours. 

You have the option to have the cremation ash transformed into diamonds and set with your cremation rings if you choose this option. On the other hand, you can have it with resin or glass infused if that's what you prefer. 


The jewellery made from ashes is a touching memorial for those who have recently passed away. It is an honour for Aura-Star Jewellery to assist in the creation of personalised cremation jewellery, such as a ring, pendant, or necklace, to honour the memory of the departed. Craft a cremation urn with them to keep a cherished one's memory close at all times.