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How to Make Keepsake Jewellery with Ashes: Complete Guide

Losing a loved one, whether human or animal, is definitely difficult. At some point in their lives, everyone will suffer this loss and the accompanying pain. It is a feature of the human condition that lends life its bittersweet beauty. Memorializing their loved one's life, spirit, and effect has been shown to benefit those who remain alive. It can provide some positive during the mourning process by allowing your brain to ponder and adjust to a new reality. It will be hard, healing, and beautiful. Memorializing your loved one allows you to commemorate them while also seeking healing.

Historically, memorials have taken the shape of gravestones and urns. And in the current time, these might make us feel odd, distant, and disconnected from our loved one's memory. It may seem strange, but jewelry has long been used as a kind of memorialization. Long before it was the memento mori of the past, people would utilize the deceased's hair in sterling silver to make jewelry. However, today, smaller jewelry contains some of your loved one's ashes. Creating souvenir jewelry from a loved one's ashes is an increasingly popular method to honor their memory. In this comprehensive tutorial, we will go over the whole process of creating Keepsake Jewellery with ashes, from comprehending the concept to the actual tasks needed.

What is the process of making jewelry from cremated ashes?

It is natural to have many questions.

  • How is this possible?
  • What exactly happens throughout some of these memorial jewelry alternatives and processes?

Most people realize that cremation urn jewelry is made by funneling the Keepsake Jewellery Ashes into it. However, memorial beads and memorial diamonds require a little more effort. Memorial beads and diamonds operate similarly to memorial glass, with ashes spread throughout the creation in the same way as salt is mingled throughout the ocean.

Memorial diamonds, on the other hand, go through a much more sophisticated procedure, which explains why they are more expensive and take longer. At ashesurnsjewellery, producing keepsake diamond jewelry comprises an eight-step process:

  1. Purify the ashes.

The remaining 1-4% carbon in your loved one's ashes will be removed throughout the purifying process. Diamonds are composed of pure carbon, thus this starting point is critical since it eliminates all extraneous components.

Purification takes around 6 weeks, and the ashesurnsjewellery team wants you there every step of the way. They transmit videos of the transfer of your loved one's ashes as well as the initial opening of the purification crucible, which reveals the purified carbon graphite.

All of this is intended to help you cope with a new reality, provide transparency, and give you something to look forward to with your loved one.

  1. Combine personal carbon with generic carbon.

The pure carbon from your loved one's ashes will be crushed into a powder and blended with a diamond seed and more refined carbon in a growing cell. The diamond seed, like a grain of sand, develops a pearl around it. The inclusion of a diamond seed and extra pure carbon will aid in the growth of a bigger diamond.

  1. Grow your diamond.

The diamond-growing cell will develop in isolation within a High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) machine. This might take anything from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the carat size requested.

  1. Assess the diamond's quality.

Next, your loved one's raw diamond is extracted from the growing cell. At this step, the raw diamond is evaluated for quality. By scanning the diamond (almost like an x-ray!), the professionals can discover any flaws and evaluate if we can cut and polish the diamond to the necessary carat size and cut.

  1. Cut the diamond.

This is why their diamond sparkles! The idea is to make their diamonds glow and dazzle like them. Diamonds are cut by a master cutter (with years of expertise!) and tinted according to the customer's specifications. Depending on the cut and color, this process might take up to 12 weeks, but it's well worth it.

  1. Grade and engrave your diamond.

A remembrance diamond is a completely real diamond. Once your loved one's diamond has been cut, colored, and polished, it is transferred to the IGI exports department to be checked and certified as exactly what you bought.

The International Gemological Institute is a top diamond-grading institution in the world. Your diamond is accompanied by a report on its cut, color, clarity, and carat size. You may also get your diamond etched. After grading, their experts may use a small laser to etch a personal inscription into your diamond, giving it even more significance.

  1. Setting the diamond in jewelry.

Ashesurnsjewellery offers a carefully picked variety of Keepsake Jewellery settings. Alternatively, one of our expert jewelers may assist you in designing a unique item to appropriately honor your loved one. If you prefer to have your diamond set locally, whether in a setting you've seen abroad or a piece passed down through your family, that is also a possibility. It really is up to you!

  1. Homecoming.

This is our favorite aspect of the Memorial Diamond adventure! When your loved one returns to you in the shape of a diamond, their shine, luminosity, and beauty are permanently restored to your life.

It's a moment of joy, eagerly anticipated and filled with emotion. But above all, it's a chance to revel and celebrate!

Say farewell, your way.

Our caring arrangers at ashesurnsjewellery offer a compassionate and reasonable service to assist you in celebrating your loved ones and storing their ashes in a way that is important to you and your family. We provide rapid Keepsake Jewellery Ashes delivery and excellent support throughout the cremation or burial procedure. Contact us today to learn more about how ashesurnsjewellery may help you and your family members through a cremation.

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