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In The Know: Can You Have A Glimpse Of Your Beloved’s Ashes In A Memorial Jewellery?

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Belonging in the top list of the most sought-after ways to memorialise a beloved nowadays is through ashes-infused jewellery—which gives the bereaved the most intimate, personal, and meaningful means to keep their loved one closer with them whenever and wherever.

In light of this, some people eyeing to opt for memorial jewellery might wonder—is it possible to see my beloved’s ashes within the jewellery? Here, we delve into this, and explore the world of these beautiful keepsakes.

Getting to know more about memorial jewellery and its types

Memorial jewellery, may it be pendants, rings, and beads among others, are uniquely designed to cradle an ample amount of a departed loved one’s ashes—presenting an eternal and tangible connection of the bereaved with his loved one. These jewellery vary in designs, materials, and appearance, which are included in the factors to take on board in knowing whether the precious ashes can be seen or not.

Ashes Into Glass

This is one of the most popular forms of ashes-infused jewellery—one wherein the ashes are encased into glass. Through this process, the cremated ashes are reverently and carefully melded with the coloured glass, which makes the ashes visible as distinct specks or patterns in the piece.

Ashes Set in Resin

Just like the glass, the cremated ashes can be encapsulated in the resin—a transparent and durable material that makes the ashes visible for the wearer to see. The ashes can be suspended in various artistic means, such as like a galaxy of stars, or even the swirling clouds. This type is often being admired because of its ethereal and mesmerising appearance.

Ashes in Jewellery Stones

Through this type, ashes can be amalgamated into gemstones, like birthstones or diamonds. These may not show the ashes from inside, but they form part of the entire composition of the stone.

Ashes in a Locket Compartment

This one has a small compartment where a pinch of ashes may be placed, and sometimes, it can likewise contain a photo of your beloved, or any other memorabilia. In this type, the ashes cannot be seen from the outside, but the way you keep it close to you, offers a sense of solace still.

Choosing the Perfect Memorial Jewellery for your loved one—Explore Aura-Star Jewellery’s exquisite collections today!

In choosing the right and perfect vessel for your beloved’s ashes, choosing whether you prefer the ashes to be seen or not wholly depends on what you prefer. It’s the personal connection and the bond and love you have forged that must truly resonate. 

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