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Touchstones of Love: Crafting Personalized Memorial Keepsake Jewelry

 After the memorial service, having a personal symbol of remembrance that you can look at, hold, or carry with you as you move through the stages of grief can be comforting. A portable souvenir can bring comfort and peace wherever you go. Whether it's a cross pendant containing your loved one's cremation ashes or a small locket with a unique engraving such as name/date or a special fingerprint pendant. A personalized memorial jewelry is a lovely way to think of a loved one.

Cremation jewelry expresses your style and helps keep your loved one's memory close to you. The professionals at Aura Star Jewellery can show you cremation jewelry and keepsake options that fit your budget and taste.

Cremation Jewelry

For families choosing cremation, there are many funeral keepsake options, from small urns and keepsake containers to unique pieces of jewelry, such as an urn necklace or bracelet, that hold your loved one's ashes. You may customize both to match the interests, hobbies, and personality of your loved one.

As small keepsake urns, memorial jewelry is perfect for a person or group to remember a special relationship. It allows several people to have some ashes in one pendant. A timeless piece of jewelry can be worn and adored by future generations.

Charm Options That Can Hold Ashes

Charms come in many shapes and sizes. Families can choose from shapes such as hearts, crosses, black and silver capsules, key tags, or dog tags. You may also save your loved one's ashes in Life Stories lockets. These small keepsakes can reflect faith, service to your country, a relationship, a particular phrase or quote, or a gem in black, blue, crystal, purple, or red.

Cremation Jewelry Materials

There are two types of cremation jewelry: sterling silver and 14-karat gold. The key is available in sterling silver, while the black and silver capsule and dog tag are made of stainless steel. Sterling silver lockets are made by Aurastar Jewellery.

Once you choose the keepsake memorial jewelry for the ashes you want, you can add special items or charms representing your loved one or relationship. For example, you can pair a sterling silver cross pendant with a medallion representing the military and unique elements representing the love shared. Or, if your wife loves to travel, you can give her children a bracelet with an airplane charm and a heart containing her wife's ashes.

Whether it's a necklace or a bracelet, you can carry the love and memories to keep your loved one close.

Order cremation jewelry

The order times for memorial jewelry for ashes and souvenirs will depend on the item and the quantities ordered. For such an emotional and special keepsake, we want to ensure that your cremation jewelry and funeral keepsakes are expertly crafted with respect and attention to detail. You can count on your Aura Star Jewellery professional to update you on your order status.

Other types of charms and souvenirs

Families who choose traditional burial can also have a personalized piece of jewelry to remember their loved ones. From engraved dog tags to a Life Stories bracelet with multiple charms or elements, you, too, can have a unique piece of jewelry close to your heart.

Life Stories Collection

Families can add themed elements from our Life Stories collection that can add style and personalization to a bracelet or necklace as memorial keepsake jewelry. The elements come in three components: a relationship, service to your country, friendship, and more.

Timeless Touch silver pendant

A sterling beach fingerprint pendant lets the wearer keep a loved one close to their heart. Round, bordered and imprinted with the loved one's actual fingerprint, the pendant comes on an 18-inch chain with a lobster clasp.

Discover your options

Through memorial keepsake jewelry, you can keep the memory of your loved one close at all times with a lasting reminder. A sentimental method to commemorate your unique bond could be especially appreciated by spouses, children, grandkids, and siblings. Talk to your Aura Star Jewellery supplier to see what jewelry products are available.