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Circle of Love: Understanding the Symbolism Behind Rings for Ashes

Do you have any questions about whether jewelry made from cremated remains could honor a loved one's memory? If you just lost someone significant, you may find it difficult to accept your loss, and you may not want to think about what to do with their ashes for months or even years. However, memorial jewelry may be a lovely method for those ready to be near a loved one. Giving my customers a beautiful piece of jewelry they can carry anywhere they go gives them so much peace.

In light of this, the following eight facts concerning cremation glass jewelry, like rings for ashes, are important to know:

Just a tablespoon of ashes is required.

Many of the clients are often surprised to learn that all it takes to create some stunning, eye-catching jewelry is a small bit of your loved one's ashes as light may pass through and reveal the true beauty of the glass and its unique patterns within, the less used, the better.

Usually, unused ashes are returned with the completed item, but you should always confirm this with the cremation glass provider of your choice.

With less than a teaspoonful of ashes, you can make beautiful rings for ashes, sparkling pendants, stunning sets of cufflinks, fantastic art sculptures, gorgeous memorial canvas, and versatile cremation charm.

It may need six to eight weeks to complete. 

If you're just now learning about cremation glass, you may or may not be aware that certain firms can manufacture cremation jewelry for up to 8 weeks on average. Since each piece is produced to order, this estimate may depend on the volume of orders they must process.

It's always worth asking, though, since some smaller businesses can return your ashes into glass rings jewelry to you more quickly, even if this is standard for the market. 

Based on our experience, most customers must have their orders returned as soon as possible. This is because the orders are so intimate and can cause anxiety if they are separated from the client for an extended period. 

Additionally, Aura Star Jewellery informs the clients of developments and updates them on the project's status.

Skilled labor is needed.

Making jewelry out of cremation glass is a delicate technique; thus, the person crafting it must have glassmaking knowledge. This is because you might use different temps to get different outcomes, and those ashes will be lost if you make a mistake and have to start over. 

The ashes into glass rings jewelry making is a very precise and skilled process. Since each item is handmade, you must meticulously construct each with the appropriate heat and let it cool in a controlled setting until you get the desired effect.

Various ashes can be blended to create a single piece of jewelry.

You may want to incorporate the ashes of two or more different family members or loved ones into pieces of artful ashes rings. This fairly simple process allows you to have, for example, both of your parents or grandparents in a single, sentimental pendant or cremation glass ring. 

You may have it produced in whatever color you like.

The fact that you can frequently purchase cremation glass jewelry in the colors of your choice is another fantastic perk. Our website provides you with a pre-selected selection of colors.

This occasionally means having to wait a little while longer while they order the glass, and getting the exact color match requires knowledge because it relies on how much heat is used to create your artful ashes rings jewelry.

Tracked mail or a courier should be used whenever possible.

The significance of this cannot be overstated since we would never be able to forgive ourselves if anything so intimate disappeared from the post. To ensure there's no possibility of that occurring, our firm, Aura Star Jewellery, will ensure your particular jewelry is transported safely by courier or monitored mail. 

However, shipping methods differ from business to business, so it's always a good idea to ask questions before placing an order.

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