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Adorning Fingers with Glass Rings Infused with Ashes

The death of a loved one is, possibly, the most painful and intense experience that a human being can experience emotionally. Saying goodbye to someone close to you is a process that can take years. Still, equally, many individuals do not want to part with the memory or presence of that loved person and need to have them close, even if they are no longer physically among us. That is why they keep their ashes in specific containers so they can have them by their side in their daily lives.

However, today, there are other types of items that also deposit the ashes of a deceased person and allow us to take that person with us wherever we go. Next, we will see types of jewelry that store ashes originally and functionally, thus perpetuating that unbreakable union between a loved one and the wearer of the ashes into glass ring.

Types of jewelry to store ashes at Aura Star Jewellery

In the same way, we talk about people, we do it about the pets that have been by our side for many years. We all already know the incredible, intense, and deep bond of authentic love that is established between a dog, cat, or other domestic animal and its owners. This makes many people want to honor such love by carrying the animal with their skin and hearts daily.


The most common funeral jewel to materialize is the feelings and memories we harbor for that loved one or pet who is no longer with us. There are countless shapes and volumes, more or less personalized, but they are all elegant pieces of great material and emotional value. Nowadays, we find many pieces with inlays that are beautiful and sophisticated.


Indeed, We would not generally classify these items as jewelry, but they are also precious objects, many handcrafted and even inlaid with unique pieces. They range from the most classic urns to the most original and emotional ones, generally handmade.


Another tender way to commemorate the memory and figure of that loved one or pet is original, although less seen than pendants or urns.

Mainly made of sterling silver or stainless steel, mostly of a minimalist style, the ashes (a small amount of them, like half a teaspoon, we would say) are carried in a container with a screw closure that the brands usually accompany with a small kit of instructions to fill out without fail.


Many people wonder where the ashes are placed in a ring or alliance. They generally have a central band that runs through the room where the ashes of the loved one or pet are deposited.

Like other jewelry to store ashes that we are mentioning, the ones most in demand by users are the best quality ashes into glass rings.

Preserving a loved one or pet by our side through a piece of jewelry to store ashes, like the artful ashes rings, is an act that, although it is seen as emotional and intimate and increasingly standardized among specific profiles of people, other people also see it as unnecessary and mortifying, carrying the physical memory of a painful loss always present day after day attached to our movements.

Funeral jewelry at Aura Star Jewellery is, therefore, items with a wide variety of shapes and personalized designs that can go with sober and sophisticated cardboard jewelry boxes and thus become an emotional acquisition.  

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