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Honoring Loved Ones with Ashes Jewelry for Men

Cremation is a more and more common method of interment than burial. For those who would prefer not to have their remains interred in a cemetery, cremation is an alternative. Crematoriums are typically chosen by people because of their low cost. In addition, if desired, the bereaved family members of the deceased may purchase jewelry made from their ashes during the funeral.

Men now have access to an increasing selection of options for Ashes Infused Jewellery for Men that can be worn on a daily basis.

Despite its reputation for being strange, cremation jewelry is now available in stylish and trendy designs. You can locate a wide variety of jewelry from Aura-Star Jewellery that may pass for expensive while hiding the fact that you are wearing the ashes of another person.

Many choices of jewelry for men who have been cremated


You can find a selection of small but stylish bracelets, including choices made of rope. The ashes are kept in a modest, simple urn.


There are many lovely necklaces on the market that have hidden ash-holding parts at Aura-Star. This is an excellent choice if you'd prefer not to wear a bracelet or pendant.


The fact that pendants frequently have a small space beneath them where the ashes might be stored is one excellent reason to wear one. Most Aura-Star necklaces allow you to attach the pendant to it; in fact, many pendants already have a necklace attached.


Some producers may combine stones and ashes to create a work of art that can be worn as an accessory. Men have a large selection of alternatives when it comes to Aura-Star Ashes Jewellery For Men. Businesses are increasingly offering unisex products that are comfortable for both men and women and function flawlessly for both sexes. You have a lot of options to choose from, such as but not limited to pendants and bracelets.

What procedures are involved in turning cremated remains into jewelry?

Cremation jewelry from Aura-Star has the same appearance and texture as traditional jewelry, but it also has tiny compartments that may be opened to contain the ashes. The uniqueness of each memorial stone stems from the fact that they are all handmade with the cremated remains.

To make cremation diamonds, for example, a container containing diamonds is heated to temperatures above 5,000 degrees. With the exception of carbon, which turns into graphite, all elements undergo oxidation.

The graphite is then put into a heated diamond crystal that has been heated once more. Next, the crystal is squeezed into position.

How to Fill Jewelry for Cremation: A Complete Guide

Many mens jewellery with ashes feature tiny spaces that need to be filled with ashes when they are unlocked. Filling kits are the most practical way to fill these compartments because they include everything you need to fill your jewelry.

The typical filling is as follows: The urn can be opened to retrieve the ashes

  • Take off the screws holding the lid on to gain access inside.
  • Simultaneously, the chamber was opened and a small funnel was placed within.
  • Removing a little quantity of ashes with a spoon or other similar tool
  • The funnel with the ashes inside is being gently shaken.
  • Raising the level of the pendant to 90%
  • Removing any ashes and dirt from the screw hole
  • Attaching a screw to secure the container

Before attempting to permanently seal the compartments, you should test the screw many times. It is something that a number of people have desired to accomplish. When using glue for a permanent closure, make sure the screw can easily go into and out of the hole.

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