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Preserving Memories with Glass Rings Infused with Ashes

Rings are jewelry often worn on fingers (although some are worn on toes). A round band characterizes these objects and can be made from various materials. There are also different designs, ranging from the most elaborate, with several gems, to the simplest, with just a tiny piece of gem or almost no decorative design. Rings are worn for many reasons and date back to ancient times. Look at the symbol of Aura Star Jewellery rings on each finger.

Symbolism of rings on each finger

We have five fingers per hand: the thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger. Little do most people know that there are specific meanings depending on which finger you put your artful ashes rings on.

Thumb: This finger is closely linked to aggressiveness. Wearing a ring on the left thumb (passive hand) can mean conflict, while wearing a ring on the right thumb (active hand) will show ambitious hesitation.

Pointer Finger: This finger is linked to authority and leadership. Possessing a ring on the index finger of the active hand denotes affirmation, confidence, and practical leadership abilities. However, wearing a ring on the index finger of the passive hand symbolizes acceptance of other people's leadership.

Middle finger: It is rare to see people with rings on their middle fingers. You can make your meaning when you wear our Aura Star Jewellery ring on your middle finger.

Ring Finger: This finger is strongly associated with creativity, love, and partnerships. Because it is believed that the ring finger on the left hand is connected to a vein that is directly related to the heart, engagement and wedding bands are worn on this finger. This is referred to as the vein of love, or vena amoris.

Pinky: This finger is linked to intellect, intuition, and communication. This might imply that the individual is a skilled negotiator. A ring on the right hand is a sign of one's standing in the workplace. The majority of individuals also adorn their pinky fingers with signet rings.

Turn ashes into rings.

Once these cremation diamonds are made, you can drop them or mount them into our cremation jewelry pieces. We have cremation bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, but ashes into glass ring are the most in demand.
Aura Star Jewellery's cremation rings for ashes are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability. All our cremation rings made from ashes are platinum or gold. We have several designs for our ashes jewelry rings that you can choose from for a custom finish.

Aura Star Jewellery's cremated ash rings will help you keep your lovers close.

The rings are often associated with eternal love due to their round bands. When you turn your loved one's ashes into cremation rings, you can show how much that person means to you.

Our cremation rings made from ashes are not prone to breaking, unlike other memorial forms for your loved ones. The presence of the cremation diamond made from your loved one's remains ensures that this beautiful token will last forever. Aura Star Jewellery has included information on the different types of jewelry settings that can be applied to your cremation ash rings. Following the tips we have discussed on how to care for diamond rings will keep your cremation ashes diamond ring maintaining its brilliance and shine. Ashes rings can be worn on any occasion, just like any other type of jewelry. The choice is up to you to use ashes into glass rings.

The first step in turning your loved one's ashes into beautiful cremation diamonds that can be set into cremation rings is to contact us for more information.

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