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Personalized Keepsake Jewelry Designs to Honor Loved Ones' Ashes

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Nowadays, it is not always necessary to keep the ashes of a deceased person in an urn. You can also carry a small amount of ashes in ashes jewelry. The keepsake jewellery is designed to hold a small amount of ashes, a lock of hair, dirt, or a piece of cloth. 

What is ashes jewelry?

Ash jewelry is jewelry in which you can store ashes, a lock of hair, a piece of cloth, or preserved soil from your deceased loved one. There are different types of jewelry for ashes, such as rings, amulets, bracelets, or pendants in FUNERAL-URNS. You will find a wide range of jewelry for ashes.

Different types of jewelry for ashes at Aura Star Jewellery

Adults and kids alike can wear our ashes jewelry, which comes in a variety of forms and materials. There will always be something that suits you or your departed loved one because we offer a wide range. We exclusively utilize premium, long-lasting materials so you may wear the jewelry for many years to come.

Types of jewelry to store ashes of a loved one

There are many options available for keepsake jewellery for ashes. You can choose a piece of jewelry that suits your style and personality and that of your loved one. Some examples of jewelry to store ashes are:


Rings are a popular choice for jewelry to hold ashes. You can choose from different styles, from simple rings to elaborate designs containing precious stones. Some ashes jewelry can also add a personalized inscription to the ring.


Pendants are another popular choice for jewelry to hold ashes. They can be simple or have elaborate designs and can be made of different materials, such as silver, gold, or stainless steel. Pendants can also have the option to add a personalized inscription.


Bracelets are an excellent option for those who prefer more extensive, visible jewelry. You can choose between simple or more elaborate bracelets and add a personalized inscription. There are also charm bracelet options to hold the ashes.


Watches are a unique choice for jewelry to hold ashes. You can have your loved one's ashes inside the watch and thus feel their presence at all times. Some designs also have the option to personalize the clock with a personalized inscription.

Keepsake Jewellery ashes at Aura Star Jewellery

We sell keepsake jewellery ashes, such as pendants, rings, and bracelets. An experienced goldsmith handcrafts our gold ashes jewelry, available in 14- and 18-karat white gold and yellow gold.

All silver ashes jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver. This means that the jewelry is made of 92.5% silver, and the remaining 7.5% consists of an alloy to improve its strength.

We at Aura Star Jewellery also sell stainless steel ashes jewelry. Due to its anti-allergic nature and hardness, this material is perfect for making jewelry for ashes. You won't need to be concerned about your ashes' jewelry becoming scratched or broken because it is made of a highly sturdy material. Furthermore, in our collection, we also have several gold-plated products. This way, you can enjoy the luxury of gold at a competitive price.

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