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Beyond Time: 10 Unforgettable Ashes Keepsake Jewelry Pieces

Cremation jewelry is a discreet and heartfelt way to honor dead family members. These pendants, rings, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces can be used to discreetly and deeply personal make a tiny homage to the deceased. 

Purchase jewelry made from Cremation remains:

  • Pendants for cremation 

    One of the many elegant keepsake jewellery ashes designs available for keeping cremated ashes is a cremation pendant. They come in a variation of styles, shapes, and compositions. Pendants made of cremated remains make ideal gifts for each member of the family because they are available in so many different styles. 

  • Rings used as cremation symbols 

    Cremation rings come in a variety of sizes for both men and women. Most of these rings allow you to engrave a word, your initials, or a brief statement on the inside or top of the band. A memorial ring for ashes by Aura-Star is a discrete way to keep a loved one's memory, be it a spouse, parent, kid, or cherished pet, near at hand. For ashes, memorial rings might be chosen. 

  • Bracelets for Cremation

    Ashes-to-ashes bracelets are a sophisticated way to memorialize a loved one. They can be crafted from a variety of materials, including titanium and leather. The fact that a cremation bracelet retains a tiny part of memory, like cremated ashes, is never apparent from the outside and may be made to fit any size wrist. Aura-Star Keychains for cremation are also available. 

  • Key chains

    Cremation keychains are a lovely and heartfelt way to keep a loved one's memory close at hand for people who would rather not wear a lot of keepsake jewellery when they are out and about. You can select the cremation keychain that most closely matches your own taste thanks to the abundance of possibilities available in terms of structure and style. 

  • Eternally beautiful stone stud earrings 

    Using their cremated bones to create memorial earrings is a lovely way to honor a loved one who has passed away. Aura-Star Earrings can be customized by selecting the kind and material from a variety of possibilities, such as drop earrings and studs. Magnificent glass that has been somewhat imbued with ash is another option, as is stunning, durable, and reasonably light crystal resin. 

  • Jewelry designed to be hung from the rear-view mirror of a car 

    You can personalize our rear-view mirror pendants by adding a picture or sentimental item of your own. The rear-view mirror keepsake jewellery for ashes comes with a filling kit and a transparent filament with magnetized ends. 

  • Jewelry with a Paw Pendant for Pet Cremation 

    This pendant is made of exceptionally high-quality, long-lasting materials, either gold vermeil or sterling silver. Thanks to Aura-Star design, you can wear this necklace with confidence and avoid drawing attention to its useful character. 

  • There is a princess cat cremation pendant made of sterling silver available

    The Princess Cat Aura-Star Pendant is a tiny version of the Princess Cat Urn that you can keep close at all times so you may always have a little piece of your beloved Princess Cat with you. It is almost impossible to distinguish from the actual thing. 

  • An engraved feather pendant made of sterling silver

    Love fully crafted from sturdy sterling silver, this Aura-Star necklace is perfect for holding a little amount of ashes close to your heart as a memento of a departed loved one. 

  • A Sterling Silver Cremation Pendant paired with a Rose Gold

    A stunning piece of jewelry, the Leaning Heart pendant is finished in rose gold and sterling silver with rhodium plating. The already opulent attractiveness of the piece is enhanced by the magnificent and dazzling Swarovski Crystal that rests in the center of the left curve. 

    Why Is Aura-Star the Best Choice for All of Your Jewelry Needs Associated with Cremation? 

    Aura-Star is the best when it comes to exquisite jewelry for cremation. This merchant offers exquisite cremation jewelry made of sterling silver, stainless steel, and gold so you may feel your loved one's presence all the time. 

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