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Finding Peace Amidst Loss: The Role of Keepsake Memorial Jewellery

After the memorial service, it can be reassuring to have a symbol of remembrance that you can look at, hold or carry with you as you move through the different stages of grief. A portable memorial item can bring comfort and peace wherever you go. Whether it's a cross charm containing your loved one's ashes or a small locket with a special engraving like a name/date or a pendant with a fingerprint, personalized jewelry is a beautiful way to recall your loved one.

Cremation jewelry

For families who choose cremation, there are several options for funeral keepsakes. From small urns and keepsake containers to special jewelry, like a necklace with a small urn or a bracelet containing your loved one's ashes. Both can be personalized to reflect your loved one's personality, hobbies and hobbies.

Today, Aura-Star personalized keepsake memorial jewellery is becoming more and more popular. Whether rings, pendants, bracelets, small plaques, these little jewels bring peace and comfort during the different stages of mourning that you are going through. If you must scatter the ashes in a meaningful place, know that it is possible to keep a certain quantity for making jewelry, which can even be distributed to the deceased's loved ones.

True symbols of commemoration, keepsake jewellery for ashes is tailor-made to respect your own style and highlight the special relationship you shared with your loved one. Now, mourning objects are personal and timeless, but also come with a host of options; choice of materials, charms, engravings, birthstones, etc.

Furthermore, if the family chooses a traditional burial, there is no need for the ashes to make commemorative jewelry. Now, technology makes it possible to create a most original pendant with the thumbprint of your loved one, for example.

No matter the type of jewelry chosen, you will be able to proudly display the love and memories linked to the deceased person.

Materials for cremation jewelry

Cross and heart Aura-Star keepsake jewellery is available in 14ct gold as well as sterling silver. The black or silver capsule and medals are available in stainless steel, while the key is available in sterling silver. All Life Stories lockets are sterling silver.

Once you have chosen the memorial you want, you may also wish to add special beads or charms that represent your loved one or the relationship you had with them. For example, you can combine a sterling silver cross charm containing ashes with a medallion that represents the Armed Forces, and special beads that represent the love you shared. Or, if your wife loved to travel, you might choose to give your children a bracelet with an airplane charm and a heart containing your wife's ashes.

Whether it's a pendant or a charm bracelet, you can carry love and memories with you to keep your loved one close.

Order cremation jewelry

Delivery time for jewelry and souvenir orders depends on the items and quantities ordered. For such a delicate and special commemoration, Aura-Star want to ensure that your cremation jewelry and keepsakes are expertly crafted with respect and attention to detail.

Discover your options

With cremation jewelry, you can keep your loved one close to you at all times, a lasting testimony. Children, grandchildren, spouses and siblings may especially be happy to have a personal way to commemorate their special relationship. Contact Aura-Star to see what jewelry is available.

Final words

There are all sorts of unconventional ideas for preserving the ashes of the deceased. It goes without saying that memorial jewelry and miniature urns soothe the spirits of the bereaved, if only for the symbolic value of these objects.


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